Hi there! My name is Alexandra Pettaway. I grew up in the small coastal town of Saco, ME and I moved to Boston two years ago to study Chemical Engineering at Northeastern University.Untitled For as long as I can remember, I’ve been extremely passionate about health and fitness. I spent most of my life playing sports year-round, lifting and training at the local gyms, and we always grew up with a variety of healthy foods in the kitchen. Despite living a healthy lifestyle, I always suffered from stomach distention, pain, and bloating when I ate certain foods. This problem followed me into my second year of college, when a gastroenterologist diagnosed me with IBS. This was the catalyst that started me off on a journey to learn more about health, fitness, and how our gut health truly affects how we feel and function. From there, I decided to start this blog as a platform to share my research and personal experiences.

Any questions, comments or suggestions? Feel free to contact me at allie.pettaway@gmail.com




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  1. Kathy Santamore says

    Enjoyed reading this Allie! You are spot on and your attitude is a healthy one to adopt. Love you kiddo!!


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