Decision making in Motherhood - What to do when you don't know what to do.

Decision making in Motherhood - What to do when you don't know what to do.

Being a mom means making TONS of decisions 


This is your sign to do what's working for you and not let the overwhelming opinions on the internet make you feel bad about going with your gut. 

The most decision-making I've EVER had to do in my entire life was when I became a mom. I remember 12 hours after having P I was bombarded with questions I didn't have the brain space or energy to answer to. 




I was having lunch with another mom friend recently and the conversation mimicked an intervention. One I didn't sign up for. But one thing I was able to take away from this interaction was how much influence I have on my situation. 

There are some things I'd like to cut out, like sleeping with my son all night long. Not because I think it's unsafe or because I don't enjoy it ... but because I missed sleeping next to my husband. 

Instead of taking every single piece of advice and implementing it, I took what worked for us as a family, and started to see positive changes immediately. 

Here's the thing - my method is going to look different than yours. And truly, that is more than okay! There isn't one way to do this motherhood thing. It's hard no matter what you do. So do what feels right for YOU

Everyone is going to have an opinion on what they think is right or wrong. Even that stack of parenting books you have on your bookshelf has contradicting viewpoints. So why not create your own? It's okay if you don't follow what's suggested exactly how it's described in the book. And it's also fine to take the parts that resonate with you and implement them however you feel fits your families needs best.  


Everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone is entitled to doing things how they feel is best for them. 


If you choose to sleep train, I love that for you! 


If you choose to co-sleep, do it girl! 


If you choose to strictly breast feed, love it! 


If you're formula feeding, heck yes! 


If you don't allow screen time, period!


If you choose to allow screen time, do you! 


If you choose to skip baby lead weaning bc it makes you nervous, don't let anyone bully you about this!


If you choose to feed your baby a three course meal, GO HAM GIRL! 


If you choose to throw a huge party for year 1, I'm rooting for you!

If you choose to keep it low key for year 1 bc they won't remember anything, I'm also rooting for you! 


Whatever the heck you CHOOSE to do. Do it. And do it with confidence. Do it with your head held high. Do it because it's what you believe is best for your family. Do it bc, welp, there aren't any rules here! 

Some of you might not love this, but — We need to be able to coexist in this world and not agree on everything 🤭 


All this to say, you're doing amazing momma. Don't let anyone shame you into doing something that you're not up for. Yes, sometimes things will be hard and enduring them will bring amazing change. But do what your gut says is right for you. 

As always, I see you! I hear you! I am you! Just another momma trying to thrive in this wild thing called LIFE. 




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